SKINOS Commercial


We were invited to create an interesting and different video to promote the already well known Greek mastic drink "SKINOS". We found ourselves tripping around with the values and images that the Mediterranean spirit represents. A great risk, but also an exciting challenge, was the filtering of inspiration coming from Greece. We had to keep a serious balance among the Greek soul and the SKINOS worldwide profile, but maintaining its origin. And all these led to a surreal metaphor that builds a dreamy narration among these elements and symbolisms, all strongly connected with the philosophy and culture of the brand. So, let the Mediterranean spirit take over your senses and... TASTE. IMAGINE. CREATE!!


Agency: Rascal

Director: Tony Zagoraios

Art Director: Tony Zagoraios / Stavros Kypraios

Motion Designer: Tony Zagoraios

Graphic Designer: Stavros Kypraios

3D Supervisor: Costas Fatsis (Pixelfarm Animation Studio)

3D Modelling, Lighting, Texturing: Orestis Aleksiewicz, Pantelis Agoris, Georgios Papaioannou

Character Rigging / Animation: Angelos Roditakis

FX TD: Georgios Papaioannou

Compositor: Rousselos Aravantinos

Additional 2D Animation: Pantelis Tsiachris

Live action shots: Yannis Christoforou

Music Score: Ted Regklis