NFS  "Update 5 Promo"


This is our personal reel from the best Motion Design moments we created in order to fill the PC Launch Trailer for the new Need For Speed.

We wanted to lift the in-game graphics with our own voice for the game. A voice that emphasised a combination of nostalgia for the loyal Need for Speed gamers, and to remind them the pure epicness and fresh re-birth of the game. We came up with a bespoke style filled with dark suspense to accentuate a cinematic feel.


Client : Electronic Arts

Creative Director(s): Tony Zagoraios, Miguel Rato (Trajectory Studio)

Motion Design Director : Tony Zagoraios

Design Director : Miguel Rato (Trajectory Studio)

3D Supervisor : Costas Fatsis (Pixel Farm animation studio) 

Graphic Design : Till Noon

3D Artist : Thanos Kagkalos, Costas Fatsis

Motion Design : Pantelis Tsiachris, Thanos Kagkalos, Tony Zagoraios

Compositing : Thanos Kagkalos, Pantelis Tsiachris

Sound Design : Renos Papastavros, Nikos Tsines

Music : Renos Papastavros, Musou music publishing

Video Editing : Akis Polizos